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Mitch's Envelopes (grant application)

Mitch's Envelopes is synonmous with the term 'grant application'.

Mitch's Envelopes

Providing financial assistance to ensure home preservation, reliable transportation, and food for kids and their families, easing the stress of everyday living.

We use the word “envelope” in memory of Mitch. He took money from his own savings account, placed it into envelopes and delivered it to kids on his pediatric oncology floor at the hospital. The word “envelope” exemplifies Mitch’s generosity and is a key element of the Miracles of Mitch Foundation’s mission.

Parents may plan for retirement, or for a college education, but they don’t plan for cancer. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, parents often need to significantly reduce work hours or even leave a job to be with and care for a sick child. Even families with good insurance often find themselves on the brink of financial disaster. In fact, more than 9 percent file bankruptcy. The Miracles of Mitch Foundation is committed to easing the financial impact of cancer:

  •        We pay rent, mortgages, car payments and car repairs
  •        We help with utilities, groceries, gas and more
  •        We provide financial support related to end of life or bereavement care

      Working with hospital social workers, families submit requests for assistance. We're fanatically responsive to the needs of All-Stars and their families, often fulfilling grant requests within days or even hours.    

      To learn more about Mitch's Envelopes, including how to apply or support a family in need, call (952) 974-9600. 

      Families: To learn how you can apply for the Miracles of MItch Foundation Envelope Request contact your hospital or clinic social worker. All requests must come through your social worker.


“We received the letter that you paid our rent this month – WHAT A GIFT!  
We are amazed at the generosity of the Miracles of Mitch.  It is much appreciated!”

–All-Star Luke’s Mom

“We moved our family from Texas to Minnesota to be closer to family and to be part of a wonderful pediatric oncology program. Shortly after moving into our new home, the central a/c stopped working, when it was 100 degrees! The MOMF was incredible - paying for a new system so we could continue to focus on our children and their needs, instead of another bill. The stress relief was probably greater than the heat relief!” 
–All-Star Pierce’s Mom


To learn more about Mitch's Envelopes and how to apply or support a family in need, call (952) 974-9600 or email